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About Rethymno

Saturday, 24 May 2014

About Rethymno

Rethymnon is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. It lies between the other two large towns - Heraklion to the east (at a distance of 80 kms.) and Chania to the west (at a distance of 60 kms).

Rethymno City

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Top 10 sights in Rethymno

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Top 10 sights in Rethymno

The Venetian Fortress (Fortetza) was built in 1573. This imposing stronghold - one of the largest Venetian castles ever built - broods on a headland above the town. It has four sturdy bastions and three gates.

 1. Venetian Fortress (Fortetza)

Built in 1573, this imposing stronghold - one of the largest Venetian castles ever built - broods on a headland above the town. It has four sturdy bastions and three gates. Within the walls, the most interesting building is the Ibrahim Han Mosque, originally the Venetian Cathedral

 2. Historical and Folk Art Museum

Vivid woven rugs and hangings, fine lace, traditional pottery and magnificent silver and amber jewellery are among the relics of a vanished way of life that are preserved in this interesting little place. The collection is housed in an old Venetian town house.

 3. Nerandzes Mosque

Rising above the old town’s rooftops, the pointed minaret of the 17th-century Nerandzes Mosque is a prominent landmark of Rethymno and has a great view from its turret. Unfortunately, it is currently closed for renovation: contact the Rethymno Tourist Office for further information.

 4. Rethymno Archaeological Museum

Opposite the main gate of the fortress, in a converted bastion (part of the fortifications added by the Turks), the archaeological museum’s displays include finds from Neolithic, Minoan and Roman sites

 5. Rimondi Fountain

Water flows from an ornate fountain, built in 1626 by one of Rethymno’s patrician families on the site of an earlier, simpler water source. Both Venetians and Turks endowed various cities with numerous public fountains.

 6. Venetian Loggia (Lotzia)

The most important architectural reminder of Venice’s long reign is now a shop selling museum-grade reproductions of Classical works of art.

 7. Franzeskaki Collection

Rethymno was one of the most important centres of dyeing, weaving and embroidery in Crete, and the Franzeskaki Collection at Epimenidou displays marvellous examples of these decorative textiles.

 8. Inner Harbour

The small inner harbour, below the fortress, is one of the most picturesque in Greece, with ramshackle old houses, small boats at anchor and a busy quayside.

 9. Venetian Gate (Porta Guora)

The only remnant of the city’s Venetian fortifications is an arched stone gate, leading from the picturesque old quarter into the modern part of the city. Other gates were dismantled to provide better vehicle access.

 10. Beach

Rethymno’s town beach starts just east of the main harbour breakwater and stretches eastward. Behind it is an esplanade lined with palm trees planted in the 1990s, and an almost continuous chain of open air cafés and restaurants.n.

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Beaches in Rethymno

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beaches in Rethymno

Rethymno beach is a 15 km sandy beach starting from the city and extends west until the village “Scaleta”. Fully organized with sun beds, water sports, beach bars


Rethymno beach is a 15 km sandy beach starting from the city and extends west until the village “Scaleta”. Fully organised with sun beds, water sports, beach bars and also weather flags informing the swimmers whether it is safe (windy) to swim or not. Crowded close to Rethymno but quieter towards ‘Scaleta’.

 Rethymno Platanias

Platanias beach is located about 6 km to the east of Rethymno town. It is a beautiful, sandy beach, open to the north. Platanias beach is well organized and offers many options. The beach has several Greek taverns that offer local food, drinks and the chance to enjoy your self by the seaside.


The name of Triopetra comes from the three rocks that are in the sea (Triopetra means ‘three stones’ in Greek). It’s about 12 km from Akoumia village. It’s a sandy beach with crystal clear water and an amazing sunset. You will find a couple of restaurants and also sun beds but make sure you check the weather before going there. It can get a bit windy.


About 12 km west of Rethymno and just off the national road to Chania, Episkopi beach is a sandy beach with several cafes and with quiet places in case you feel like being alone.


If you like snorkelling head to Gerani beach 6 km west from Rethymno. A quiet pebbly cove with just one tavern on site, situated in a picturesque setting under Gerani bridge


Situated 18 km east of Rethymno Geropotamos beach is a pebbly and sandy beach with sun beds and palm parasols to rent. You can spot the little cove from the highway under a bridge but once you get there you will forget about roads and traffic. Also good for snorkelling.


Well organised beach that goes on for several km with restaurants, sun beds and water sports. Georgioupolis beach is about 25 km from Rethymno next to a nice small harbour with little fishing boats.


In the south coast of Crete you will be able to find Plakias beautiful sandy beach with very clean water just next to a traveller’s town with the same name. Fully organised with sun beds, restaurants, cafes, hotels and various water sports.


One of the most well known spots in Crete, Matala used to be an ancient port of Phaistos and Gortys in the Minoan period. Very famous place for its caves, that exists on the rock at the North end side of the beach. Matala is a beautiful round cove with golden sand and clear sparking water.

 Agios Pavlos

On of the most beautiful sun sets in the South of Rethymno, Agios Pavlos sandy beach is an ideal place for you to have some piece. Very few people go there with just one restaurant. If you try to climb over the sand hills make sure you have shoes on because it can get very hot!


Ligres is an isolated beach 45 minutes away from Rethymno and 7 km from the village Kerames. Here you can find some piece of your mind because there is no electricity, telephone or other useless devices. It’s a beautiful pebbly beach and also a nudist area just at the end of the beach is tolerant.


Rodakino is actually combined from three beaches. Two of them offer some facilities for drink and food but the third one has not any kind of facilities. 3 km from the homonymous village and about 45 km from the town of Rethymno.


Panormo beach is a sandy beach with a few pebbly coves for those ones that wish to be alone. Its about 20 km from the town of Rethymno and it is fully-organised with some really good fish restaurants.


33 km from Rethymno, at the east, Bali is a village with 4 different pebbly and sandy beaches. Frequent public bus transport is available and offers all kind of services such us sea front taverns, cafes, accommodation…


The beach of Damnoni is clean and offers sun beds and umbrellas rentals. For those who enjoy the secluded and non-organised spots, the surrounding area is full of deserted bays and coves with soft sand and incredibly clean and pristine waters. Some lucky ones will even be able to find there own secluded paradise.

 Amoudi and Mikro Amoudi beaches

Two sandy beaches within walking distance from Damnoni. Mikro Amoudi is a naturists' beach and it is so small that it is almost always packed with people. Amoudi is further down the dirt road, very close to the Mikro Amoudi beach. The name "Amoudi" comes from "amos", which means sand in Greek. Mikro is the Greek word for little.


An excellent sandy beach accessed from Lefkogeia village (3 km far) on the road from Plakias to Preveli which is located 38 km from Rethymnon. The beach is not usually crowded by visitors. Skinaria beach has been developed during the last years and it offers a tavern next to the beach, and facilities for swimming, sunbathing and sea sports.

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